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Online Premium IOL Calculator

Rayner’s new Raytrace  system offers surgeons an online IOL power calculator which is quick and easy to use, providing clear and accurate power recommendations for Rayner’s complete range of premium lenses.

Use it for simple calculations and IOL power recommendations, or go one step further and confirm selections via email directly with Rayner or your local distributor to initiate an order.

New Users

If you would like to register to use the Raytrace calculator, please click here

‘Due to essential maintenance, our Raytrace IOL calculator will not be available for use on Thursday 1st October between 19:00-20:00 (GMT +1:00 London) . We apologise for any inconvenience caused’

Raytrace 3.5 improvements and updates overview
Please find below an overview of the Raytrace 3.5 improvement and updates. If you have any questions on the new additions, please contact eyescience@rayner.com


Update 1. All biometric and IOL options now viewable on a single webpage for greater convenience.

  • All data input and IOL calculation information are now displayed on one page.
  • No changes to display information; this remains the same as the current version of Raytrace.
  • Log-on screen remains the same.
  • Once user selects an IOL, the new, single page Raytrace screen will appear as follows:
















  • (Updated) results page with a primary IOL will look as follows:



























Update 2: Inclusion of Posterior Corneal Astigmatism (PCA) option for more accurate toric IOL calculations.

  • This is a new, optional adjustment to the calculation which allows for an average amount of posterior corneal astigmatism.
  • The PCA calculation is optional for the following lenses:
    – All capsular bag toric IOLs (Rayone Toric, RayOne Trifocal Toric, T-Flex)
  • The PCA calculation is not available for the following lenses:
    – All Supplementary IOLs (Sulcoflex Aspheric, Sulcoflex Toric and Sulcoflex Trifocal). If the user selects supplementary lenses calculation, PCA is not displayed.
  • In the ‘keratometry’ section, select ‘ALLOW FOR PCA’.
    – If the user selects this option, the results will contain the PCA calculation.
    – If the user does not select this option, the results will be calculated without PCA, as in previous versions of RayTrace.
  • PCA option is on by default (i.e. ‘checked’) when Raytrace loads however the user can deselect this option.













  • If the user deselects the PCA option, this will be displayed in the ‘Notes’ section as ‘PCA not included’ so that the user is aware that the results are calculated without PCA.
























  • Please hover your mouse over the tooltip for more information about PCA.












Update 3: New ‘recalculation’ option for greater flexibility.

  • Users can recalculate by inputting a specific SE (and Cylinder if applicable) and see what the predicated outcome would be with the alternative lens.
  • Recalculation appears as follows:






  • On the new, single page view, the recalculation option is located here:



























Update 4: Addition of ‘nominal values’ to compare with Raytrace results for verification

  • ‘Nominal values’ is what the ‘optimal’ lens should be (Rayner use the term ‘nominal’ instead of optimal values) — for example, on the screenshot below, the nominal lens is Sphere 33.14D, SE 33.51D and Cylinder 0.74 D..
  • The closest lenses we manufacture are displayed in the proposals section.
  • The user can double check if the proposals are correct as they should be very close to the nominal values.
  • Nominal values will be displayed for IOL proposals only for Spherical Equivalent, Sphere and Cylinder.
  • Nominal values remain unchanged when the lens is recalculated.






On the new, single page view, ‘nominal values’ are located here:




























Update 5: Improved quality of printing

Improved resolution when printing as a PDF.


Update 6. Patient ID warning message reworded and displayed automatically. 

  • Changed to support GDPR compliance.
  • New message: Patient ID should be a reference with no spaces that allows you to identify the patient in conjunction with your records; for data protection compliance reasons, the Patient ID should NOT be the patient’s name.
  • This is displayed automatically when the user makes a mistake in the data entry or does not enter information in the relevant field.








Update 7: Keratometry index now also available in theatre view for greater convenience.

  • This update allows the user to now view all details when using Raytrace in theatre view (see example below).
  • As per the current version of Raytrace, user can still also see keratometry index on the results page.










Update 8. Legal Terms now displayed in new format

  • New pop-up message when logging on to Raytrace stating the following:
    – ‘I agree to Privacy Policy’
    – ‘I agree to Term of Use’
    – ‘I agree to Conditions of Sale’
  • User must select ‘I agree’ for all three checkboxes in order to access Raytrace.
  • Example pop-up message as follows: