Monovision. Enhanced1

As a surgeon, you always want to provide your patients with the best possible visual outcomes. However, patients that desire spectacle independence are not always suitable candidates for diffractive trifocal IOLs. To overcome these challenges, many surgeons turn to monovision as an affordable way of delivering some extended depth of vision with reduced dysphotopsia.

RayOne EMV was developed in collaboration with world renowned surgeon, Professor Graham Barrett, to specifically enhance patient outcomes achieved with monovision.

RayOne EMV uniquely extends a patient’s range of vision with a patented non-diffractive optic profile, enabling the depth of field of many presbyopia-correcting IOLs but with reduced dysphotopsia, short neuroadaptation, reliable outcomes, high patient satisfaction, and improved affordability.

Offered on a superior hydrophilic optic platform through the RayOne fully preloaded two-step injector, RayOne EMV is an IOL solution unlike any other.


“For many years I have worked on optimising a lens for monovision, given that it accounts for nearly 30% of all surgeries. I collaborated with Rayner on bringing this lens to market as RayOne EMV, an exciting new product for all surgeons looking to treat presbyopia reliably”


Professor Graham Barrett, president of the Australasian Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons


Improve your pseudophakic monovision patient outcomes

RayOne EMV provides a smoother, blended transition between the dominant and non-dominant eyes when compared to monovision achieved with standard monofocals, maintaining binocular stereoacuity and reducing asthenopia.

The patented optic provides high quality spectacle-free distance vision as well as reduced pupil dependency for optimised performance under low light conditions.


  • Up to 2.25D of extended depth of vision (with 1.0 D offset)
  • Superior intermediate vision when compared with standard monofocals
  • Fully preloaded across the entire power range


  • Smoother, blended transition between the dominant and non-dominant eyes when compared with standard monofocals, maintaining binocular stereoacuity and reducing asthenopia.
  • High quality spectacle-free distance vision.
  • Reduced pupil dependency, for optimised performance under low light conditions.
  • Reduced sensitivity to decentration and tilt compared to other IOL designs.
  • Complements the eye’s natural positive spherical aberration.

Clinically-proven and industry leading optic technology

The Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) graph below shows the binocular optical performance for RayOne EMV and a competitor’s negatively aberrated aspheric IOL, targeted for a monovision offset of +1.0 D.

• Good performance at distance

• 2.25 D extended depth of vision with +1.0 D offset

• Greater imaging capability in the non-dominant eye than the competitor lens, providing binocular distance vision and a smooth, blended transition zone between lenses

• Due to the extended depth of vision, the dominant eye will also be more forgiving of post-operative myopic shift when compared to aberration negative aspheric IOLs.

First clinical results with RayOne EMV2

RayOne EMV was launched in CE mark-accepting countries in October 2020. The following clinical results are from twenty patients in the UK, Spain and Portugal who were implanted bilaterally with RayOne EMV in the months leading up to the commercial launch.

At one-month postoperative, visual acuity and refractive data showed excellent results.
To read the RayOne EMV white paper, click here


Why positive spherical aberration?

RayOne EMV is the only patented aspheric IOL that induces controlled positive spherical aberration. With its unique design, RayOne EMV elongates the optical performance in the hyperopic direction, enabling the lens to maintain some distance imaging performance in the non-dominant eye, in a monovision setup. RayOne EMV complements the natural positive corneal spherical aberration so that there is less deviation from the natural spherical form in order to provide consistent visual results across a wide range of corneas and optic alignments.

Dominant eye target Product Name Methylvisc
0D 0.00 D 1.25 D (~80 cm)
0D 0.00 D 1.50 D (~66 cm)
0D 0.00 D 1.75 D (~57 cm)
0D 0.00 D Synthetic molecule
0D 0.00 D 2.00 D (~50 cm)
0D 0.00 D 2.25 D (~44 cm)


When considering a presbyopia-correcting solution, what’s important to you?

• Increased range of functional vision

• Minimal dysphotopsia

• High patient satisfaction

RayOne EMV is designed with an aspheric anterior surface and unique inner optic zone which induces controlled positive spherical aberration to extend depth of field without compromising visual acuity under low-light conditions.

RayOne EMV provides up to 2.25 D of extended depth of vision with a 1.0 D offset, improving intermediate vision compared to monovision achieved with standard monofocals and reducing dysphotopsia compared to diffractive IOL designs.

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